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Frequency Therapy 

With our products we have been able to effectively address often recurring and seemingly unexplainable complaints.  A person’s immune system is often disturbed by primitive bacteria and since the body does not recognize them as bacteria, they are not cleaned up by the immune system. Complaints continue to come back and patients’ conditions appear to be difficult to treat.  With our “Ultra-Molecular Frequency” test, we are able to precisely determine which (primitive) bacteria are present in our system and which ones disturb our healthy frequency patterns.  A healthy person has a frequency pattern that fits a well functioning person.  Irregularities in this pattern can be measured with our Vegatative Reflex Test (VRT).  With our currently developed products we try to attack the irregular frequency pattern as aggressivly as possible and to redirect it towards a more healthy pattern.

Research and Product Development 

Our products are developed with the utmost precision based on the experience in our practice.We conduct our research on a daily basis in both our own practice as well as in that of our therapist colleagues.  When we encounter new illnesses, that we cannot cure with our currently available products, we research and look for other possible solutions.  This requires a lot of expertise in microbiology and its pthogenetic effects.  Once we understand the cause of the complaint, we can develop a product specifically targeted at the illness.

We can monitor the results directly in our practice.  When the complaints go down, we re-examine the patient to see if there has been sufficient progress in the ability of the body to heal itself and if the illness has been significantly diminished.

DNH Products   

The protocol works very accurately and is very easy on the body, since it is totally made of natural products.  These consist of :

  • Plants
  • Gemstones
  • Various other raw materials

They are mixed for optimal interaction with the human body. They produce maximum corrective action for an irregular frequency pattern of the sick human being; animals react very positively to the treatment as well.

Experiences Therapists (soon the english versions will be dislpayed here) 

"Het betreft een verhaal over Nicolas, 31-03-2006 geboren. In 2008 werd een spraak/taal achterstand manifest, waarvoor hij in de zomer van 2009 een uitgebreid onderzoek heeft ondergaan bij VUMC door een logopedist en psycholoog. Er werd een ontwikelings- en spraak/taalachterstand geconcludeerd. Hij leefde in zijn eigen wereld en was niet gericht om zich in gesproken taal te uiten of op de taal die tegen hem gesproken werd." lees hier verder.

"Man, 56 jaar, heeft al 12 jaar reumatoïde artritis. Hij gebruikt 13 soorten medicijnen geënt op ontstekingen en de pijn. Na een bezoek aan mijn praktijk testte ik middels bioresonantie geen reuma en op één na testte ik alle middelen ongeschikt voor zijn lichaam/systeem. Na het inzetten van verschillende UMF korrels en 6 weken later, had deze meneer geen reumaklachten meer en is naar eigen zeggen volkomen hersteld." 

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