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DNH Practice and Research

Already more than 30 years DNH aims at increasing quality of life with her unique approach of illness. For many people we are, (inter)nationally, a ‘second-opinion’ since we focus on the cause instead of the symptoms of illness. With our ‘frequency-therapy’ we contribute to high quality complementary healthcare. Our approach provides therapists and doctors innovative and unique knowledge and treatment options.

DNH consists of three divisions, DNH Research, DNH Practice and DNH Schooling.  

DNH Practice & Research 

Ultra-Molecular Frequency therapy (UMF)

DNH Research is the research and development division of our company and adheres the theory of Ultra Molecular Frequency therapy. Through years of action research and experience we have developed this therapy. Often primitive bacteria’s disturb the immune system, however the immune system does not clear away these bacteria’s because it does not recognize as such.  With our  UMF therapy the primitive bacteria’s can be found and removed easily. The vibrations (frequency’s) of the UMF therapy affect the specific bacterial causer of a disease.

DNH Schooling & products

Courses, seminars and conferences

Since 17 years the schooling division of DNH trains therapists and doctors in the Ultra Molecular Frequency therapy on the different levels. Our students are often therapists and doctor’s searching treatments for chronical and difficult to explicable diseases. Ours schoolings contain introduction courses, advanced seminars and conferences organized around current theme within healthcare. Students learn about the UMF theory, actual development of the primitive bacteria’s and products and they learn to examine / determine the presence of primitive bacteria’s.


After following our schooling therapist and doctors can start working with our products. Based on the research outcomes coming from DNH Research ánd our large network of other therapists, we constantly adapt and redevelop our products. In our products a particular frequency (digital information) is transmitted on alcohol. This enriched alcohol is then used raw material for our different final preparations. These preparations match certain primitive bacteria’s who cause, among other thing, the following syndromes:

Most common syndromes

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Intestinal problems


Lyme disease