Questions? Email us at
Questions? Email us at
Questions? Email us at

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DNH Research develops our own products through daily research in our own practice as well as in the practice of other therapists.With our expertise, we have provided our patients and therapists for a number of years with solutions through consultation, research, products, and schooling.

Two therapists work in our practice, René Broekhuyse and Esther Bakker, who with the help of the Vegatest and urinalysis, help many patients every day in their search for a healthier life.




Treatment in our practice for Natural Healing is geared towards support and enhancement of the body’s own healing capacity.  We have been known for years for our specific, natural healing treatments.  Send us a urine sample and we will see what we can do for you. 

DNH Research develops, through continuous research, natural medicines to promote better health, i.e.  Biobiotica/UMF- therapy.  In our product development, we use our expertise and instrumentation within the bio-electronic function diagnosis.

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For over 30 years has DNH worked on increasing quality of life with a unique approach to illness. For many people, both nationally and internationally, we are a ‘second-opinion’ since we focus on the cause instead of the symptoms of illness. 




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